Travel Makeup Bag Essentials

Before, when traveling I was afraid that I would forget something that I needed or not have enough options so I would pack a ton of stuff. It made it difficult to find the things that I actually needed! Now, I’ve paired it down to just the essentials.

Going on a trip soon? Just nosy about what I pack in my travel makeup bag? If so, read on!
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The Mascara I’m Ditching my High-End Mascaras For

So I feel like when it comes to mascara preferences, we tend to be either predominantly go for volume (a la Too Faced Better Than Sex) or length and definition (like those who prefer Benefit Roller Lash). I am a member of the second group.I really love a curled, fluttery lash look and detest anything verging on “clumpy.” Mascaras also can’t flake or run on me (I have occasionally runny eyes and long hospital days)– I hate the raccoon look. Basically I have pretty steep requirements when it comes to finding the right product.

I’ve been working on a post about good drugstore dupes for high-end mascaras, testing different formulas and such. Then, I came across what might be the holy grail of mascaras (insert choir of angels here) and it needed a post of its own. It isn’t really a dupe for any higher end brand because I haven’t found any other mascara that I really like better. I know I’m talking a big game here, so lets get to the details!


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