Week in Review 10/2/16


Sorry for the delay on this post you guys! I think I set the post scheduling tool up wrong 😳


This week I got to post a review of Ouidad’s new Mongongo Multi-Use Treatment and even give away a bottle of it to one of you guys, which is always super fun! Coming up next, I am reviewing September’s Pop Sugar Must Have Box and previewing their October box for you guys to help determine whether it is worth the price. I’ll give you guys one hint…I’ve been loving one of the items in the box that might be pictured above…

I’ve been traveling a ton throughout September, and am already off on another away rotation. Would you guys be interested in seeing a post about how my travel-friendly makeup tips and what I pack in my makeup bag for when I’m on the road?

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Testing Out Ouidad’s New Multitasking Mongongo + Giveaway (!)

Hello everyone!

So a few weeks ago, Ouidad reached out and offered to send their new product launch to me as well as one of my readers in exchange for an honest review. What an awesome opportunity! I totally fan-girled, because me, my sister, and my mom have all been long time Ouidad product users. All three of us have different curl types and patterns, but we have all found products in the line that we have been loyal to over the years.

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Becoming One With the Mullet, Or, What I Learned from Growing Out My Pixie Cut

So in the summer of 2015, I was between my first and second years of medical school an had gone back to my parent’s house in Richmond, Virginia for the summer. My (wonderful and very supportive) boyfriend had left for three weeks of backpacking through Europe and I was in full on “recover from Neuroanatomy/Neurology burnout” mode–it was our most difficult and last course of the semester. After a week or two of catching up with my friends from high school, sorority sisters, and friends from college and watching way too much of who knows what on Netflix, I remember feeling ready to do something. So I decided to cut all my hair off. Continue reading “Becoming One With the Mullet, Or, What I Learned from Growing Out My Pixie Cut”