Week in Review 10/2/16


Sorry for the delay on this post you guys! I think I set the post scheduling tool up wrong 😳


This week I got to post a review of Ouidad’s new Mongongo Multi-Use Treatment and even give away a bottle of it to one of you guys, which is always super fun! Coming up next, I am reviewing September’s Pop Sugar Must Have Box and previewing their October box for you guys to help determine whether it is worth the price. I’ll give you guys one hint…I’ve been loving one of the items in the box that might be pictured above…

I’ve been traveling a ton throughout September, and am already off on another away rotation. Would you guys be interested in seeing a post about how my travel-friendly makeup tips and what I pack in my makeup bag for when I’m on the road?


Week two in pediatrics was a lot of fun! The theme of the week was babies, babies, babies. Since I was on inpatient pediatrics, it was our job to make sure that every child born in the hospital is seen within eight hours of birth, and then again every day until mother and baby are discharged. Other things that we spend a lot of time discussing are newborn bilirubin levels (the breakdown product of heme, what your red blood cells are made of) and why they might be elevated.

As far as the bigger kids go, we see a lot of vomiting and dehydration and other types of viral illnesses in the hospital this time of year…you guys know what that means! We are getting into flu season. So get your flu shots folks ;*

On Monday I start a week long developmental pediatrics rotation at the Center for Discovery. From what I have heard, the Center offers an incredible learning opportunity as far as seeing some of the less (and more) common genetic conditions, as well as cerebral palsy and severe autism in an amazingly integrated environment. I look forward to seeing how the clinicians, educators, therapists and dietitians and culinary staff all work as a team!


Pediatrics hours were pretty long last week and included a night call and a Saturday on call. However, I made time this week to dye my hair! I like to do a demi-permanent at-home wash of color in a slightly darker and cooler toned shade come fall and winter every year to neutralize some of the warm-toned brassiness that happens from the summer. The boyfriend hates the smell of it 😂  but he was on an away rotation so it was the perfect opportunity.

While he was gone, I also found an abandoned kitten in an old garage behind my house. After I was pretty sure that the mama cat wasn’t coming back, I found a shelter that would take him in! Turns out the little girl was only about three weeks and still needed to be nursed or bottle fed, so it was definitely a good thing that she came in.


On Sunday, I volunteered to help provide medical care at a marathon which was a lot of fun! Seeing all of the different people who were out there running and walking was incredibly inspiring– I definitely have no excuse not to be exercising! I saw people well into their 70s participating, it was amazing.

After the marathon it was off to start my next mini away rotation!

I hope you all have a fantastic week 🙂



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