Testing Out Ouidad’s New Multitasking Mongongo + Giveaway (!)

Hello everyone!

So a few weeks ago, Ouidad reached out and offered to send their new product launch to me as well as one of my readers in exchange for an honest review. What an awesome opportunity! I totally fan-girled, because me, my sister, and my mom have all been long time Ouidad product users. All three of us have different curl types and patterns, but we have all found products in the line that we have been loyal to over the years.

Since I have been growing out my pixie cut, I’ve been straightening my hair most days (which is what you guys mostly see on the blog and Instagram). However, my natural hair texture is a 2C/3A (for you curl nerds out there) wavy/loose ringlet type curl when it had enough length and is left to air dry or is diffused with a blowdryer.  Straightening my hair so frequently has definitely left it looking and feeling dry and dull. I think that this product has really helped to improve those areas.


So this new product is the Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment.What I really love about this product is that there are so many ways that it can be used–curly or straight. Here are the three ways that I use the product:

  1. As a conditioning treatment: I used this as a pre-wash deep conditioning oil since my hair is shorter and  not super thick. So I sprayed the product throughout my hair until it was quite saturated, combed my hair into a bun, and put a shower cap on. I left it like that while I blogged and did things around my house for about 30 minutes before showering when I shampooed/conditioned as usual. My hair was so soft and shiny afterwords, but not at all greasy or weighed down.
  2. To add moisture and shine to my curls: My all time, hands down favorite curl product is the Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Style Gel. While it does a great job of holding my curls together and defining them, I find that my hair is still often lacking in moisture when I use it alone. The gel + a spray of the Mongongo Oil Treatment, mixed together and then raked through my hair when wet –> glossy and frizz-free curls.
  3. To add shine and reduce frizz after straightening my hair: So I have been loving the Caviar Multivitamin Heat Protection Spray for applying before I blow dry and flat iron my hair. However, my hair is usually still a bit dry, dull, and static-y. A spritz of this into the palms of my hand and then raked through dry, finished hair after styling given my hair so much shine and just overall makes it look much, much healthier.

Some other things worth mentioning about this product…it has the most lovely sprayer I have seen in a long time. It sounds silly, but it produces such a fine mist of oil which is really quite lovely. On that note, I still apply the product to my hands first because with the length of my hair I found that a full spray directed directly at my head was too much and gave a bit too oily of an appearance for my preference. Those with longer or thicker hair will likely be able to skip that step.

Also, it smells lovely! But– it is fragranced, so if you are sensitive to added fragrance you may want to check it out in stores first. I didn’t find it to be super heavy, but the scent is present. The oil is also packaged in a glass bottle which while absolutely beautiful for presenting on a dresser or vanity, may not be the best for travel purposes.

Overall, I have really enjoyed using this product and definitely plan to continue using it…especially as my hair continues to grow and I wear my hair curly more frequently. The Ouidad Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment retails for $38 and can be purchased here from the Ouidad website.

…and now what you’ve been waiting for– the giveaway for your own bottle of the Mongongo Oil Treatment! To enter, you MUST:

*Comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite hair product is currently (I am always looking for recommendations 😁).

*To earn an extra entry, click the Follow button on the sidebar (either on the right side for computer users, or on the bottom of this page on mobile)

*To earn another extra entry, Follow Triple Shot of Beauty on Bloglovin. –> make sure you include your Bloglovin username in the post comment if you are doing this so I can count your entry!

If you are already subscribed to the blog and/or Bloglovin, just comment with your username and I will count all the entries!

The giveaway will be open until 9/29/2016 at 11:29PM PST. I will contact the winner shortly thereafter on the email you have linked to your comment.

If that was confusing at all, or if you have any questions or concerns– please comment below or email me at tripleshotofbeauty@gmail.com

I hope you are all having a lovely week 🙂







13 thoughts on “Testing Out Ouidad’s New Multitasking Mongongo + Giveaway (!)

  1. I don’t do a lot of stuff with my hair, but I have been really enjoying Living Proof’s dry shampoo lately (by which I mean, like, months and months). I received a few samples through Birchbox and then bought the big bottle when Sephora had a sale, and now that’s running low and I’m increasingly annoyed it costs so much because I have no money. yay student life.

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    1. I’ve heard that it’s fantastic but haven’t actually gotten around to trying it! Do you find that it leaves much of a white cast, having darker hair? That’s my biggest challenge with dry shampoos. Having a good one is so necessary though…because who has time for hair washing in med school?


  2. I’ve recently incorporated the original curl keeper into my arsenal of daily products for my curly hair (including a leave in conditioner, gel, and curl spray). My hair is definitely not as dry and my style is more consistent day to day. So far I’m loving it!!

    Following you on bloglovin now too (Sara618)

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  3. My fave hair product right now is Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Protector. I too have 2c-3a curls, and this product is magic! I’ve been cycling through Deva Curl Ultra Hold Gel and SheaMoisture Curl Smoothie which both work fine, but this product is just so lightweight, and has this amazing citrus smell. My bloglovin username is madelinehelberg, and I just followed you. Love your blog!

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  4. My fave shampoo/conditioner is Bumble & Bumble (the original scent). It’s expensive, but it’s the first shampoo than I can say I truly notice a huge difference in my hair.

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  5. My favorite hair product is Kenra’s Platinum Silkening Gloss. I’ve been out of it for awhile, but I’m hoping to repurchase again soon! It tames flyaways and smells so good!!


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