Week in Review 9/26/16

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Beauty & Blogging

This week I reviewed the Bite holiday value set…and the new holiday value sets just keep rolling out! I definitely won’t be mentioning all of them on here, but another one that has caught my interest is the Lorac Mega Pro 3. Definitely not for the casual makeup user, this palette has 32 shadows, appears to be a good mix of warm, and neutral-ish cool tones as well as mattes and shimmers, and is $59 dollars at Ulta releasing October 2nd. In general, the Lorac Pro formula (especially the formula from the Pro 1 + 2 Palettes) are absolutely wonderful– soft, pigmented, and very easy to blend. I will definitely be interested in swatching the one in stores to see how it looks!

Coming up this week (if all goes as planned😏 ) I have two pretty amazing product review posts…including one with a💃🏻 giveaway💃🏻. It will only be open for a short time, so keep checking back!
In other news, I tried a sample of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation over the weekend while in NYC (more on that in “Life”)…and it was absolutely gorgeous. Light-medium coverage but not just completely sheer, dried down to a beautiful, natural finish, and actually lasted on my face throughout the day. How do you guys feel about luxury makeup products? I’ve been seeing a lot of Youtube videos about them lately and whether they are worth the hype and I don’t know if it is just the brand/packaging making me think that it is lovely, or if it is actually that much better and worth the $$. Thoughts?


I survived my first week of Peds without getting sick *knock on wood*!

My first week on Pediatrics was in the outpatient office and I definitely learned a lot and increased my overall confidence with some of my physical skills (especially using that otoscope). Though I am enjoying seeing the cute kiddos and learning about all of the developmental stages, so far the field hasn’t captured my attention in that same way that OB/GYN did. We will see, though! It was a fantastic opportunity to wear some of my more “fun” professional outfits– lots of polka dots and bright colors.

This week I will be on inpatient Peds, which means lots of newborn exams since everyone who is born at our hospital gets rounded on every day…as well as the handful of sick kids we get admitted through our ER or through transfer from other hospitals. So back in scrubs, and back to 6:00AM call times!

I am starting to ramp up studying for my Pediatrics shelf exam at the end of the month…so if anyone has any advice for resources, I would love the hear them. On the bright side, I did pretty well on Internal Medicine and OB/GYN! So two shelf exams down, four to go 🙂


It was another traveling weekend up here! Seriously– I think I am at the point where I need to make a staple toiletries bag and just leave it in my suitcase so I don’t have to unpack and repack so much. Anyways, the boyfriend and I went to New Jersey and New York again for the weekend and had an awesome time. We went to a Rutgers football tailgate on Saturday morning and then took the train into NYC. Cronuts, sushi burritos, delicious Italian food and all the coffee while exploring a pop up festival in Chelsea as well as the Chelsea Market. I also got to see my Great Aunt who is almost ninety and looking absolutely fabulous. I made it back just in time on Sunday evening to unpack a bit and get ready to start my Monday morning rotation bright and early at 6:00am 🙂

My boyfriend is on a mini-away rotation within Pediatrics this week (I will be going on mine next week, more on that next Sunday), so it will just be me, the kitty, and the basil plant in the house this week. That means maybe catching up on a chic flick or two, nail painting, face masks, and maybe trying out a new recipe this week.

I hope you guys have an amazing week!



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