Is it “The Perfect Bite”?– Reviewing Bite Beauty’s New Holiday Set


Every year, it seems like the “holiday season” for shopping gets pushed up earlier and earlier However, in the midst of the marketing frenzy, there are also occasionally some opportunities for a few really great values for beauty lovers. One of them out there is the Bite Beauty “The Perfect Bite” set from Sephora.

For $25, you get four mini lipsticks in their Amuse Bouche formula in an adorable mirrored tin. The lipstick formula was released earlier this year to replace their formerly very popular Luminous Creme line…and in my opinion this far-outdoes it. As you can see in the lip swatches below, the lipsticks aren’t completely matte, but definitely not glossy at all– I would call them a natural or cream finish. They also do a great job of holding onto moisture while also not sliding around and feathering on the lips (a problem I had with the old line of lipsticks). They go on opaque in one swipe– I am not being hyperbolic here, they are very, very pigmented. In addition to being pigmented and non-drying, they are also fairly long wearing. Though they transfer when you eat or drink, I found that so long as I wasn’t touching my lips they didn’t really move throughout the day (including over 4-5 hour intervals between drinks and meals). Overall, a fabulous formula! Here are the colors that the set contains :



When you break it down to cost/oz, a full-sized Bite Amuse Bouche lipstick costs $26 and contains 0.15. This set contains four shades, and 0.05oz each….so you are getting a total of 0.20 oz of product (0.05 more than the full-sized lipstick) for $1 less, plus a variety of colors.

I think the mini size is an awesome way to try the line if you like the colors since it takes so long to go through a full-sized lipstick and the cost/oz is a fantastic value. Overall, I highly recommend this one as a gift…or even as a little luxury for yourself like I did 💁🏻.

Edit: Temptalia, an amazing blogger and super-swatcher, noticed that there were slight color variations in the shades Fig, Pepper, and Honeycomb from their full-sized shades. Nothing huge, but slight differences in undertone. This doesn’t matter if you are just picking up the set because you like the shades, but if you are picking it up because you know that you liked certain colors in the full-sized versions, maybe double check the swatches of the minis in person to make sure you still like them (or double check my pics or hers)!








4 thoughts on “Is it “The Perfect Bite”?– Reviewing Bite Beauty’s New Holiday Set

  1. Thanks for swatching these! I need more Bite in my life. I’m a lipstick hoarder and it takes me so long to get through a full sized tube unless it’s a go-to everyday nude, so I am down with sample sizes. Unfortunately they’re usually more expensive when you work it out – good to know that’s not the case here.

    I don’t know how you manage to keep up with it and med school, but I love reading your blog. It’s approachable and informative, and it sounds like you may even get some sleep!

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